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    Our Mission

    To collect and preserve historical photos and other media, make the material available to the public online at no cost, and return the material to surviving family members on request.

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    A Word From John

    I started collecting lost photos after doing a project for my father.  He was keeper of the Perkins family archives, storing several generations of family photos.  A few years ago I set about scanning the entire archive, around 23,000 photos I think.  I finished that project and gave him a copy of the complete archive.  I sometimes ask him about some of those pictures (Who is this?  When did that happen?  Do you remember such-and-such happening?) but it bugs me that we don't know who a lot of the people are in the older photos.

    I visit auctions, swapmeets, and thrift stores and I occasionally find photo albums or packets of photos from a few years back to over 100 years ago.  It bugs me the same way as my family archive- so many memories, so much time, so much history lost, all these photos destined for...what, a dumpster in back of some anonymous junk store?

    I started this project because I wanted to preserve what I could of the lives and memories of the people that took these photos.

    There is an extensive FAQ here.  If you have any questions or complaints, that's where to start.

    Click on the link for each family under the Photos tab to see the page for that family.

    If you are one of the people in these photos, if you know any of the people in these photos, or if you still have any questions, please contact me here.

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    Family 1  (my family)

    Since the rule of thumb for this page is to include photos that are at least 20-25 years old, most of the Family 1 photos are from the 1970's and 1980's. I haven't included the Perkins family archive because there are a number of people in them that I know and who are currently alive.  I know the photographers for many of these photos.  In creating this page, for Family 1, I am working under several conditions requested by various people as to which photos I can and can't post.  For this reason, the Family 1 photos posted here consist mainly of a trolley museum, cats, my early childhood, and my high school (graduated 1989). There are currently (as of April 1, 2016) 151 images in this set.

    Family 2
    Nothing written on the backs of these photos.  99 images in this set.

    Family 3
    Many notes.  265 images in this set.

    Family 4
    Many notes.  1,447 images in this set.

    Family 5
    A few notes.  419 images in this set.

    Family 6
    A few notes.  254 images in this set.

    Family 7
    Many notes.  747 images in this set.

    Family 7A
    From a montage included with family 7.  10 images in this set.

    Family 8
    148 images in this set.

    Family 9
    29 images in this set.

    Family 10
    45 images in this set.

    Family 11
    78 images in this set.

    Family 12
    305 images in this set.

    Family 13
    118 images in this set.

    Family 14
    48 images in this set.

    Family 15
    479 images in this set.

    Family 16
    517 images in this set.

    Family 17
    87 images in this set.

    Family 18
    Schloesser Family
    1,344 images in this set.

    Family 19,  Family 19-A
    2,585 images in this set.

    Family 20
    Caulfield/Ritter/Southard Family
    619 images in this set.

    Family 21
    1,989 images in this set.

    Family 22
    1,535 images in this set.

    Family 23
    182 images in this set.

    Family 24
    699 images in this set.

    Family 25
    29 images in this set.

    Family 26
    53 images in this set.

    Family 27
    60 images in this set.

    Family 28
    28 images in this set.

    Family 29
    128 images in this set.

    Family 30
    40 images in this set.

    Family 31
    974 images in this set.

    Family 32
    219 images in this set.

    Family 33
    1,087 images in this set.

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   Family 18  

1,344 images in this set.

This family is comprised of 3 albums and some loose photos, all of which appear to be part of the same family, that of Dr. Arthur Guido Rudolph Schloesser / Castles. 

There are a number of pictures having to do with an Eric E Eastman, student and instructor at Iowa State University's Agronomy (soils) Department around the 1910's, who appears to have married a Daisy Schloesser, who appears to be daughter to Dr Schloesser.

This group of photos was acquired at a swap meet.  The frustrating part is the vendor said he started with around 30 to 35 albums, all from the same family, and this was all that was left.

As near as I can tell, the common focus of these photos appears to be Daisy Schloesser- she's connected to the Schloesser family (being a Schloesser herself) and Iowa State University via her husband Eric E Eastman.  I am not sure if Daisy Schloesser and Daisy the cook are the same person or not.

The Kitty in the photos does not appear to be the Kittie McDonell in the genealogy below, because Kitty was aunt to Daisy and would (in the mid-1910's) have had to be in her 60's when the photo was taken.  The Kitty in the photos does not appear to be near the age of 60.




   A M Peck


  Bruce Firkie Firkins 


  C B Or E B Maybe Houdly

  C Christie In Back Pasley Sheldon


  Dad And Mother At Clydemont 


  Diasy And Eric Sr (?) 

  Daisy The Cook 

  Dean Hoef, Markham, and Stockton 

  Don Illegible Looks Like McHee Soils Department Instructor 

       Dr. Alfred Guide Rudolph Schloesser, who changed his last name to Castles.

  Elya Deery 

  Eric And A Grundinon

    Eric E Eastman 

  Eric E Eastman (left), Clyde J Eastman (right) 

  Eric Jr 

  French Pittman Wright Bongert 

  Garland Illegible 

  George And Kathryn (3 mo) 

  Grandma U 

  Guy Gilbert And Family

  Harry Illegible (looks like Warner) 

  Harry Tong 

  Harry Warner 

  Herb Carson, Soils Department Instructor 

  Herb Sawhill and the Pammel Girls 

  H M Peck, Acting Sergeant, 1st Service Co Signal Corps Buzzer School 3rd X Co

  Howe And His House Party Girl

  Hutman And Howe 

  Illegible, Hiestand, Cheny, Ames 

  Illegible Looks Like Bunty

  Illegible Looks Like Zeta Stuart And Illegible Jr

   Illegible (maybe Dabney)

   Jimmy James

  Joe Lillie Bonita And Cousin Iva Lillie 

  John Illegible (looks like Glass) 

  Judge William McMurrey, Cold Springs And Stevens Co 

  Julia Marie And Helen S 

  Kathy Dyson 


  1948 Or 1949, Kitty Is 1 Year 


  Lt Berg (left), Cpt Illegible (right) 

  Mahadro Singh


  Mark Moran Pats Dad 

  Merill And Benton 

  Mrs. Byers, Mrs. Nichols 

  Mrs. Mark Moran 

  Mr. Smith 

    Mr. Winterhalter, Dad's Partner

  Neva Porter as Psyche, Vivian Bulla as Cupid, Daisy Schloesser as Venus, Play Of Cupid 

  Pat And Maude

  Pat Claude Moran 



  Paul Emerson (back left), Hitchcock (back middle), Unnamed (back right), Verne Halverson (front left), Unnamed (front 2nd), Harry Warner (front 3rd), Unnamed (front right) 

  P P Burns 

  Professor Beckman 

  Rems And Bancroft 

  Rey Crum 

  R Nagan Gourd

  Ronald Gray With Aug Or G C Christie X

  Ross And Irene

  Ross L. Bancroft 

  Ross Bancroft (left), Edith (middle), Eric E Eastman (right) 

Set: Mariam McPherson, Blanch Grass, Clintie Glenn, Daisy Schloesser, Emily Churchill, Anna Simpson

            Mariam McPherson (cameraman), Blanch Grass (left), Clintie Glenn (2nd), Daisy Schloesser, Emily Churchill (4th), Anna Simpson (right)

            Illegible MacPherrons (camera man), Marian McPherron (left), Blanch Grass (2nd), Clintie Glenn (3rd), Daisy Schloesser (4th), Emily Churchill (right)

             Blanch Grass (left), Clintie Glenn (2nd), Mariam MacPherson (3rd), Anna Simpson (4th), Emily Churchill (right)

  Spur And Brubeck 


  (left to right) Ted Mooney, Stach Ford, Frank Harris, Howard Esser 

  Tuffy Freeman 

Unidentified Burt Looks Like Cowan M Ewall:
  Unidentified (left), Burt Illegible (looks like Cowan) (middle), M Ewall (right) 

  With The Candees



A History Of California And An Extended History Of Los Angeles And Environs Biographical Volume III

Dr Schloesser Biography on Rootsweb

Find A Grave

Hollywood, Volume 7, Issues 26-51

McDonells On Rootsweb

Out West: A Magazine Of The Old Pacific And The New, Volumes 32-33


December 25 1891 Merry Christmas Elya Deery:

December 12 1910:

December 12 1910 Clyde And Rover:

December 12 1910 Drawing Room:

December 12 1910 Illegible Address 1069:

December 12 1910 Stable:

1910 Grandma U:

1910 Gilber Inn:

1910 Mama:

1910 Mama And Illegible:

November 1913:

November 1913 Dr Rices House:

November 1913 Warners House Cicero And His Pail:


1913 Cuero:

1913 En Route Up Ellis Peak:

1913 Eric Jr Baby In His Buggy Tong House Dont Give Him Away Shall I Send X:

1913 Iowa, Ames:

1913 Iowa Ames Eric E Eastman And Eric Jr:

1913 Iowa Ames Kitty And Cuero:

1913 Iowa Ames Playing Ball With Cuero:

1913 Iowa Ames St Johns Church:

August 1914 California Hollywood Laurel Canyon:


1914 A California Ranch:

1914 A Phi Psi Group:

1914 Ag Carnival Day:

1914 Bruce Firkie Firkins Soils PG And Instructor:

1914 California Hollywood Laurel Canyon Camp With Clyde:

1914 California Hollywood Laurel Canyon Camp With Clyde Dad Helps:

1914 California Lake Tahoe:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Buck Island:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Daddy At Homewood Tent:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Dean Hoef Markham Stockton:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Ellis Peak:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Ellis Peak:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Ellis Peak Sandstone:

1914 California Lake Tahoe Southwest From Ellis Peak:

1914 California Lake Tahoe View From Ellis Peak:

1914 California Lake Tahoe X At Homewood:

1914 California Lake Tahoe X On Tells Peak:

1914 California San Francisco Cliff House Beach:

1914 Colorado Lamar:

1914 Cuero:

1914 Dads Partner Mr Winterhalter California Wheat Harvest:

1914 Dads Partner Mr Winterhalter The Lehmans:

1914 Dads Partner Mr Winterhalter Winterhalter And Lehman:

1914 Dads Partner Mr Winterhalter Winterhalters Bull:

1914 Daisy At Santa Monica:

1914 Eric Jr At Glengarry:

1914 George Carson Soils Department Instructor:

1914 Herb Sawhill And The Pammel Girls:

1914 Howe And His House Party Girl:

1914 Jimmy James:

1914 Nebraska Omaha:

1914 Or 1915 Iowa Ames Taken In Park Templeton House Daisy The Cook:

1914 Pool:

1914 Pool At Avalon:

1914 San Joaquin River Looking Across Kings River To Where I Hunted Rabbits:

1914 Sans Souci:

1914 Snaps At Glengarry:

1914 Soils Department Instructor Don Illegible Looks Like McHee:

1914 Steinhart Apartments Note X Exposed X Apt 606 In Left Hand Side Of Building Top Floor:

1914 The Pammel Girls:

1914 Tuffy Freeman:

1914 Westlake Park:

1914 1915 Eric Jr:

June 6 1915 Iowa Ames Mary Greely Hospital Where Looks Like Alfred Was Born:

1915 Eric Jr In Winter:

1915 Illegible Looks Like Bunty:

1915 Iowa Ames 117 Sixth Street:

1915 Iowa Ames Lutherows House:

1915 Iowa Van Buren County Bonaparte Lounsberry Soil Survey:

1915 Iowa Van Buren County Bonaparte Lounsberry Soil Survey Rice And Lounsberry:

1915 Spring:

1915 1916 Daisy:

August 9 1916 Joe Lillie Bonita And Cousin Iva Lillie:

1916 Ag Carnival Ross L Bancroft:

1916 Eric Jr:

October 2 1917 A E Andersons Car X To Section X In Hus Franklin:


1917 Iowa Corydon City Square:

1917 Iowa Dallas Center Hotel In Quotes X At X Soil Erosion Work:

1917 Soils Classes:

1917 Soils Classes M W P M Fall:

1917 Soils Classes T P M Fall:

1917 Summer Session Soils Class:

1917 Summer Session Soils Class Pat Illegible Maude A Fussing:

1917 Summer Session Soils Class Ross And Irene:

1917 Summer Session Soils Class Student A M Peck:

1917 Summer Session Soils Class Students:

May 30 1918 Mrs Mark Moran:

May 30 1918 Pat Claude Moran:

May 1918 Soil Student C B Or E B Maybe Houdly:

May 1918 Soils Students Ronald Gray With Aug Or G C Christie X:

May 1918 X C Christie In Back Pasley Sheldon In Front:

June 1 1918 Mr Mark Moran Pats Dad:

1918 Avalon Mama At Yalt Links:

1918 Former Student Acting Sergeant H M Peck 1st Service Co Signal Corps Buzzer School 3rd X Co X Signaling Letter P In Semaphore:

1918 Illinois Army Fort Sheridan:

1918 Paul:

1918 Spring:

1918 Summer Soils Class:

1918 The Property Before Building:

June 1919 Illinois Champaigne Phi Psi House My Room Extreme Right Second Floor:

July 1919 Eric E Eastman Left Clyde J Eastman Right:

July 1919 Texas Lake Worth Name Illegible:

August 1919 Texas Lake Worth:

September 13 1919 Utah Mt Logan Summit 9137 Ft:

September 13 1919 Utah Mt Logan Summit And Head Of Dry Canyon:

September 13 1919 Utah View Over Dry Canyon:

September 13 1919 View From Terrace Of Lake Bonneville Across Logan River Bottom:


1919 A Family Picnic Digging The Trench For Our Fire And X We Had Some Steak:

1919 Ag Carnival Agronomy Dept My First Float:

1919 Ag Carnival Day Picnic:

1919 Alfreds First Promeade:

1919 Ames Eric And A Grundinon:

1919 Ames P G Student From India R Nagan Gourd:

1919 Ames Soils Field Day:

1919 Annual College Illegible:

1919 At Illinois U:

1919 California Huntington Park With The Candees:

1919 Clyde:

1919 Clydemont:

1919 Clydemont Dad And Mother:

1919 Clydemont Eric Jr Birthday:

1919 Harry Warner:

1919 Illegible:

1919 Illegible And Illegible Aller Visiting The Violet Patch On The Way Home All Tired Out And Home X Go And No Ford:

1919 Illegible Clydemont:

1919 Illegible Park California:

1919 Iowa Ames 117 Sixth Street Interior Of Our Living Room:

1919 Iowa Ames 117 West 6th Our Ames House Dr Templetons Place:

1919 Iowa Ames Iowa State College Research Illegible Soil Department Merill And Benton:

1919 Iowa Ames Iowa State College Soils Classroom Return To Eric E Eastman:

1919 Iowa Ames Iowa State University Soils Office Mrs Byers Mrs Nichols:

1919 Iowa Ames St Johns Episcopal Church:

1919 Iowa Squaw Creek Bridge Ames To Illegible:

1919 Julia Marie And Helen S Am Giving The Extra Prints Of This And Other Groups To The Castles Ok:

1919 Left To Right Ted Mooney Stach Ford Frank Harris Howard Esser:

1919 Mahadro Singh Student From India:

1919 Maria:

1919 Mother Sans Souci:

1919 Name Illegible:

1919 Name Illegible Ends In Ll:

1919 Paul:

1919 Paul At The Beach:

1919 Picnic Ag Carnival Day Browns Atkins Ames Carsons Selves:

1919 Soils Post Grads Back Left Paul Emerson Middle Hitchcock Right Unnamed Front Left Verne Halverson 2nd Unnamed 3rd Harry Warner Right Unnamed:

1919 Soils Senior Class:

1919 Soils Summer Session:

1919 Some Soils Students:

1919 Summer Texas Lake Worth:

1919 Texas Burkburnett:

1919 Texas Forth Worth 1200 College Ave:

1919 Texas Ft Worth Clyde And Dad:

1919 Texas Judge William McMurrey Cold Springs And Stevens Co:

1919 Texas Lake Worth:

1919 Texas Lake Worth Clyde:

1919 Texas Ranger A Line Oil Pump:

1919 Texas Ranger City:

1919 Texas Ranger J W Norris Number 1 Or Norwood Number 1 The Biggest Gusher In The Mother Pool District Between Ranger And Eastland 3rd Tank Blown To Pieces By Oil Pr:

1919 Texas Ranger Oil Field Pipe Lines:

1919 Texas Ranger Oil Fields Gun Barrel Tank The Sign Of A Gusher:

1919 To 1920 Utah Logan Illegible Logan River And Rock Outcrop Showing Angle Of Tilt:

1919 Too Hot Indoors Soils Class On Lawn:

1919 Typical Pose Of Our Oldest Chess He Wouldnt Pose So I Snapped Him From The Rear:

1919 Utah Logan Canyon:

1919 Utah Logan Cavern:

1919 Utah Logan River Logan Illegible Small Waterfall Or Rapid Of Logan River Poor Print:

1919 Utah View Up Logan Canyon Note Rock Character Of Mountain:

1919 Violets And X William But Who Cares:

1919 Or 1920 History Cheny-Illegible:

1919 Or 1920 History Cheny-Illegible Hiestand Cheny Ames:

1919 Or 1920 History Cheny-Illegible Spur And Brubeck:

1919 Or 1920 Iowa Ames Harry Tong:

1919 Or 1920 Iowa Ames Hutman And Howe:

1919 Or 1920 Iowa Des Moines Masonic Temple:

1919 Or 1920 Utah Logan Illegible:

1920 Ames Alpha Beta Initiates:

1920 Pacific Ocean:

1920 Summer Texas Ranger:

1920 Utah Logan Canyon And River Note Steep Slope Up Hills Very Characteristic:

1920s Yosemite Falls:

June 12 1927:

March 11 1929 And The Day Was Really Fair And Comfortable Out:

1944 This Is How Our Sun Porch Was Decorated Al Decorated It Very Pretty This Is The Cellar Door Decorated:

October 24 1947:

Winter 1948 To 1949 Kitty Is 1 Year:

Summer 1949 Ohio Dayton Mershon St Kathy Dyson:

April 27 1961 Tenth Anniversary Service Force Sixth Fleet:


July 4:

Address 1069:


Ames Deux Eric E Eastman Rems And Bancroft:


Bachelor Quarters I Exposed This Myself It Is Reflection In Large Mirror On Folding X 30 Sec Exposure:

Bavaria And Tyrol:


California San Joaquin Valley Illegible:

Canal Of Illegible:

Cane Sunday:

Castle Neuschwanstein


Castle Sans Souci Again Scene of Brilliant Musicale Honoring Episcopalian Archdeacon

An appreciation By Frank Vincent Waddy

An unusually large and brilliantassemblage of friends congregated on Sunday evening at Castle Sans Souci, the mecca of numerous exacting and discriminating pilgrims in search of the best and highest in music, song, literature and art, combined in rare blend with the amenities of social contact and entertainment. These gatherings at the famous home of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Guido Castles invariably furnish artistic experience of an exclusive order, but on this occasion in particular the wealth of vocal and instrumental talent present, together with the high pressure of celebrities in the audience produced a combination difficult to duplicate except in great cosmopolitan art centers. A salient feature of these delightful gatherings is their informal atmostphere- no one knowing definltely at the beginning ot the evening who is to be present, though the comprehensive list ot invitations always includes a rich profusion of interesting names, from whom material for several distinct and varied programs could be gathered.

Thus on Sunday a series of charming numbers was rendercd by some of the younger vocalists among the guests, while later there were songs, piano and violin selections. The informal concert was opened by Miss Kathleen Shippen with a Chopin prelude and other selections, including one of her own compositions, "Murmur of the Sea.”

Monsieur Victor Carly, an eminent French dramatic baritone, sang Bon Jour Suzon, Vour Dansez Marquise and Thy Beaming Eyes, the last by McDowell. Salem Parker, recently from the trenches in France, delivered several very amusing recitations. Senator Juan Aquilar Adame, graduate of the Nacional Conservatorie of Music, of Mexico city, played the Vals Intimo and other compositions of his own. Cyrii Dwight Edwards sang the Arià from the Vulcan Song of the opera Philimon and Baucies and it seemed that his magnifiecent voice roused the armored knights to rapt attention while the ancestral portraits, heraldic banners, coats of arms and warlike weapons around the gallery completed the illusion of some ancient baronial hall, where far into the night the glorious tournaments of song would wake the very walls to life.

The Countess Irma Mirafieri, arrayed in a most resplendent costume, entranced her audience with a French Chansonette, also Tosti's Goodbye In La Tosca, which in intensity of feeling and strongly characteristic interpretations could not be surpassed.

V. D. Pometti, leader of the Majestic theatre orchestra, assisted by Senor Adame gave two violin selections that were keenly enjoyed, completing a program of striking excellence and brilliant artistry.

Among those privileged to enjoy this lengthy entertainment were the Monseigneur A. Fortin, Archdeacon of the Episcopal church in Canada for forty-two years, who is not only world famous in ecclesiastic circles, but preeminent in the literary and social world of Europe and the Orient; Prince Paul Troubetzkey, famous sculptor, who is executing the General Otis monument; Sir James Arbuckle, Mrs. Fay Clark Babcock and Countess von Hardenburg, who rendered great assistance in making the musicale a success; Count von Hardenburg, Hon. And Mrs. Francis A. Hoffman jr., cousins of Dr. Castles Sylvester Hoffman, Frank Vincent Waddy, W. J. McCloskey, Miss Kathleen Kerrigan, Mrs. Sarah McCleod Kerrigan and some two hundred of the socially elite of Los Angeles and Hollywood.




D M River:

Doges Palace:

Doges Palace Staircase:

East Porch:

Ellis Pk:

Eric And H:

Eric Jr:

Field Trip:


Fort Sheridan Eric E Eastman:

Fort Sheridan Garland Illegible:

Fort Sheridan Lt Berg Left Captain Illegible Right:

Fort Sheridan P P Burns:

Fort Sheridan Patterson:

Fort Sheridan Rey Crum:

Fort Sheridan Stuart:

French Pittman Wright Bongert:

George And Kathryn 3 Months:

Guy Gilbert And Family:

Harry Illegible Looks Like Warner:


Illegible Looks Like Zeta Stuart And Illegible Jr:

Illegible Maybe DM Iowa Consolidated School:

Illinois Chicago River:

In Play Of Cupid And Psyche Neva Porter Was Psyche Vivian Bulla Was Cupid Daisy Schloesser Was Venus Bulla Took Various Other Parts In X Picture She X:

Iowa Ames Iowa State University Campanile:

Iowa Ames Iowa State University Campanile Eric E Eastman Paul:

Iowa Ames Maybe Osceol:

Iowa Grain Crop:

Iowa Spirit Lake Harry Illegible Looks Like Warner:

Iowa Villisca Scene Of The Axe Murders:

ISC Campus Looking Towards The Old Farmhouse:

John Illegible Looks Like Glass

Lake Lucima:

Mama By Paul:


Milan Cathedral:

Milan Cathedral Roof:

Milan Cemetary:

Milan Square:

Mother Visits Ames:

Mr Smith:

Mr Winterhalter With Whom I Went To The San Joaquin Valley:

Nebraska Omaha Daisy And Eric Sr:

Northeast Rear View:

Northwest Corner:

Our Little Sunshine:

Paul 17 Months Old:

Paul At Clydemont:

Paul And Clyde:

Photograph Taken At Illegible Paso School By Illegible McPherson Cameran Person In Picture Are Blanch Illegible Clintie Glenn Myself Illegible Begins With E Churchill And Anna Simpson:

Photograph Taken At Illegible Pass School By Illegible MacPherrons Camera Persons In Picture Are Marian McPherron Blanch Grass Illegible Glenn Daisy Schloesser And Emily Churchill:

Photograph Taken Illegible Paso School Friends Persons In Picture Are Blanch Illegible Clintie Glenn Mariam MacPherson Anna Simpsons Illegible Churchill Very Illegible Everyone Moved:


Pisa Bapistery:

Pisa Bapistery Cathedral Tower:

Pisa Cathedral:

Pisa Leaning Tower:


Print On Metal:

Professor Beckman:


Ross Bancroft Left Edith Middle Eric E Eastman Right:

Schaffhuasen Falls Of The Rhine:

Showing Sun Porch:

Six Laurel Wood:

Soils Office:

St Marks:

Summer School Soils Students:

Summer School Students Clyde:

Summer School Students Illegible Maybe Dabney:

Summer School Students Mary:

Swim Near Sopens Mill:

Texas Ranger Oil Fields:

This Is Nurse And Her Foot:

To Ruth With Love Dear Ruth These Pictures Were Taken In Rockford Ill About 2 Years Ago Not So Good Not So Bad Ray Love My Illegible Dad And Me:

Under Pirgola:

Unidentified Burt Looks Like Cowan M Ewall:

Utah Logan Canyon Rocky Dyke Or Extrusion Canyon Extends To Right Between The Two Rocky Walls Poor Vantage Point But Couldnt Do Better:


Venice Bridge Of Sighs:

Venice Cathedral:

Venice Grand Canal:

Venice Rialti Bridge:

You Look As Though You Had A X In X You X: