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  • Our Mission                                   

    Our Mission

    To collect and preserve historical photos and other media, make the material available to the public online at no cost, and return the material to surviving family members on request.

  • A Word From John                                   

    A Word From John

    I started collecting lost photos after doing a project for my father.  He was keeper of the Perkins family archives, storing several generations of family photos.  A few years ago I set about scanning the entire archive, around 23,000 photos I think.  I finished that project and gave him a copy of the complete archive.  I sometimes ask him about some of those pictures (Who is this?  When did that happen?  Do you remember such-and-such happening?) but it bugs me that we don't know who a lot of the people are in the older photos.

    I visit auctions, swapmeets, and thrift stores and I occasionally find photo albums or packets of photos from a few years back to over 100 years ago.  It bugs me the same way as my family archive- so many memories, so much time, so much history lost, all these photos destined for...what, a dumpster in back of some anonymous junk store?

    I started this project because I wanted to preserve what I could of the lives and memories of the people that took these photos.

    There is an extensive FAQ here.  If you have any questions or complaints, that's where to start.

    Click on the link for each family under the Photos tab to see the page for that family.

    If you are one of the people in these photos, if you know any of the people in these photos, or if you still have any questions, please contact me here.

    >>> If there is any information you want to add to this site- especially genealogy info- please contact me here.

  • Photos                                   


    Family 1  (my family)

    Since the rule of thumb for this page is to include photos that are at least 20-25 years old, most of the Family 1 photos are from the 1970's and 1980's. I haven't included the Perkins family archive because there are a number of people in them that I know and who are currently alive.  I know the photographers for many of these photos.  In creating this page, for Family 1, I am working under several conditions requested by various people as to which photos I can and can't post.  For this reason, the Family 1 photos posted here consist mainly of a trolley museum, cats, my early childhood, and my high school (graduated 1989). There are currently (as of April 1, 2016) 151 images in this set.

    Family 2
    Nothing written on the backs of these photos.  99 images in this set.

    Family 3
    Many notes.  265 images in this set.

    Family 4
    Many notes.  1,447 images in this set.

    Family 5
    A few notes.  419 images in this set.

    Family 6
    A few notes.  254 images in this set.

    Family 7
    Many notes.  747 images in this set.

    Family 7A
    From a montage included with family 7.  10 images in this set.

    Family 8
    148 images in this set.

    Family 9
    29 images in this set.

    Family 10
    45 images in this set.

    Family 11
    78 images in this set.

    Family 12
    305 images in this set.

    Family 13
    118 images in this set.

    Family 14
    48 images in this set.

    Family 15
    479 images in this set.

    Family 16
    517 images in this set.

    Family 17
    87 images in this set.

    Family 18
    Schloesser Family
    1,344 images in this set.

    Family 19,  Family 19-A
    2,585 images in this set.

    Family 20
    Caulfield/Ritter/Southard Family
    619 images in this set.

    Family 21
    1,989 images in this set.

    Family 22
    1,535 images in this set.

    Family 23
    182 images in this set.

    Family 24
    699 images in this set.

    Family 25
    29 images in this set.

    Family 26
    53 images in this set.

    Family 27
    60 images in this set.

    Family 28
    28 images in this set.

    Family 29
    128 images in this set.

    Family 30
    40 images in this set.

    Family 31
    974 images in this set.

    Family 32
    219 images in this set.

    Family 33
    1,087 images in this set.

  • Donations


    If you have a batch of photos that you want to donate, please contact us here.  You can get an invoice and declare the photos as charitable donations on your taxes.

    If you are a person or company and you want to donate equipment, you can get an invoice and declare that as a charitable contribution as well.  We currently have several 8.5 x 11 flatbed scanners and a Wolverine single slide scanner.  We could use any flatbed scanner with a larger surface area and/or a slide scanner with an automatic feeder.  Please contact us here.

    If you want to donate funds to Lost Photos, please click on the donate button below.  Contributions go toward equipment, increased hosting space, and scanning hours/employee time.  If we get an angel donor, our goals include at least 1 full time employee and perpetual hosting for the photos.

    Here is our donations page at Crowdrise.


   Family 19  

2,585  images in this set.

This is a multi-family set.  There are several different groups of photos, including photo album pages with black writing, photos on green-tinted paper, a bunch of photos and news articles about the Pomona Valley Lady Anglers, some photo album pages about the Lin Twins of Yucca Valley, CA, some loose pages from a photo album with a grid background, some loose photo album pages (no grid), some photo album pages with off-white writing, a scrapbook from a Rena Weisenhart, some photo album pages with the photos taped on, some photo album pages with white (not off-white) writing, and a number of loose photos.

This page, Family 19, contains the main body of photos that didn't appear to belong to any of the sub-groups.  Family 19-A has the sub-groups.

Addie Horne
Alice Bissell
Arlene Ruhman
Art Ward
Becky Navanji
Beverly Willert Burke
Bill Comings
Carl Lindermeyer
Carlton Seaver
Charlotte Patterson
Christopher Seaver
Clyde Varner
Coeta Parsons
Curtis Powell
Cynthia Abrams
Dale McCallen
Dan Brown
De Vee Ohle
Debbie Abrams
Dewey Scofield
Dick Adams
Dick McCartney
Don Hubbs
Doris Yeager
Dorothy Kruse
Dottie Mae
Elizabeth Cockran
Elsie Luke
Emmitt Wilkey
Esther Peterson
Frances Williamson
Gerald Arbuckle
Harry Le Patourel
Harry Miller
Helen Davis
Helen Ward
Helen Yount
Jack Cain
Jack Chaney
Jack Kruse
Jack Marsteller
Jackie Wright
James Elmut Smith
Jerry Lavensa
Joalie C
Joan Filburn
Joann May
John Bentley
John Cain
John McCallen
Johnny Rankin Jr
LaQuishia Jones
Leo Predinchuk
Louis Zetiskey
Louise Probasu
Mae Elle
Margaret Rany
Marguerite Hess
Marie Allen
Martha Karakan
Martha Morris
Martha Seaver
Mary Evelyn Morris
Mary Palpinec
Mary Spadin
Mildred Maybe Field
Milt Probasu
Minnie Lee Smithmaya
Nancy Perkins
Nina Cain
Norman Hume
Norman Wright
Ora La Pache
Patrick Seaver
Paul De Armet
Paul Riley
Pauline Yeager
Pearl Thompson
Rachel Brown

Ralph Patterson
Reb Dan L Carter
Robert Lytle
Rose Boyhan
Rowenna Reash
Roy McCallen
Ruth Stewart
Sonday Archie P
Sonday Fred J
Sonday Uncle Fred
Vera M McCallen
Victor Redfoot
Victoria Seaver
W W Young
Walter Hardcastle
William Means

January 1, 1908 Missouri Elko Uncle Bill Comings

April 14, 1921 Mildred Looks Like Field

1921 Archie P Sonday Uncle Fred Sonday Fred J Sonday

1922 California Alameda

1922 Clannil Lo Guernsey

1922 Dave And Harry

1922 England Looks Like Dulvineh

1922 Guernsey Channel Island

October 15, 1922

1922 On Board Cleveland Southmay And Selfs Mr And Mrs Rei Illegible Quote Colgage Unquote Bobs

1924 Easter Looks Chinkuary China

1926 Easter

1926 Easter Looks Like Chinkiang Illegible

1927 Joalie C



June 26, 1932 By Anthony Di Mattio

1933 Six Years Devils Lake

1935 Taken Last Summer In The Holly Hocks 1320 Monroe

August 1, 1936 Ellas Shower Party

1936 Devils Lake

June 12, 1936 Pats 13th Birthday Party Illegible

1936 Lawn Front Of Home Looks Like Jyiko Illegible

April 13, 1937 After I Was 87 This February Illegible Meant To Keep This For You Birthday Archie But Who Knows What Might Happen Mother With Love

April 24, 1937

1938 Chicago Martha Karakan

1938 Chicago Mary Palpinec

1938 Easter

1938 February

1938 July Devils Lake

1938 Martha Karakas And Mary Palpinec


1939 Charlie

1940 Gang At Devils Lake

November 11, 1940 Norman And Jimmy And I At Hollywood Bowl

November 13, 1940 In The Ocean

1941 August Devils Lake

1941 Unlabeled

1943 August North Africa Rabat

January 25, 1943 Washington Postcard Pvt Joseph Ryfer To Walter Kaske Notes. Private Joseph A Ryfer, Co A 851st Engr Avn BN Geiger Field Washington, Walter Kaske Flight A 31st ISS SP Jefferson Barracks Missouri. Hello Gary. Left 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, arrived 1:00 o'clock Saturday night . Will write letter later tell Weissenstein to send pictures if developed. I would like to send home bad trip no sleep Joe

October 1, 1943
Hadley High School

Alice Bissell

Arlene Ruhman

Charlotte Patterson

Clyde Varner

Curtis Powell

De Vee Ohle

Dewey Scofield

Dick McCartney

Doris Yeager

Esther Peterson

Frances Williamson

Gerald Arbuckle

Harry Miller


Jack Chaney

Jack Marsteller

Joann May

John Bently

Margaret Rany

Mary Evelyn Morris

Mary Spadin

Mr Pilgram

Paul De Armet

Paul Riley

Pauline Yeager

Rachel Brown

Robert Lytle

Rose Boyhan

Victor Redfoot

William Means

April 30, 1944

June 4, 1944 California Los Angeles The 4 Sondays Mr And Mrs FJ John 8 Years Marilyn 4 Years

1944 Or 1946 Probably October
Hadley High School

Alice Bissell

Arlene Rullman

Bill Means

Charlotte Patterson

Curtis Powell

De Vee Ohle

Dewey Scoffield

Dick McCartney

Doris Yeager

Esther Peterson

Frances Williamson

Jack Chaney

Jack Marsteller

Joann May

John Bently

Paul De Armet

Pauline Yeager

Rachel Brown

Ralph Patterson

Rose Boylan

Rowenna Reash

Victor Redfoot

August 25, 1945 Maryland Bainbridge US Naval Training Center Co 4230 Notes, signatures William S Bledsoe, Willie Dunn, Vincent Mascio, Ernest L Clary, John R Illegible, Eddie Keebler, Gordon Cummings, Otis Johnson, Louis Di Domninice, K C Pope Jr, Thomas Cumby, George Vistol, Bill maybe LaGrade, Hugh J Leddy, Illegible Joisey Marino, E L Kay Jr, Joseph Shorty McMulden, Benny Illegible, Jim Kilroy, George C Betz, Thomas J Sheridan, Jimmy Speck, Edward L Vaughan, Charles S Morey, Joseph Pfeil, Richard Welsh Illegible, C Franklin Illegible, William Otis Simmons, Edward P Williams, Albert J Robey, Ed Adenholt, Leslie Ereland, Joe Caster, John W Emerry, Richard R Smith, Jessie Stage, Thomas Nicholson, W Ray Daniel, Robert S Illegible, Ernest L Illegible, Daniel Walter Pasha, Benton N Gooch, Fred A Chisel Chin McIllegible, Harold Thomas Sr, Joseph A Illegible, Joseph J Mirhardt MD, Len Strott Baltimore MD, K C Pope Jr (2nd), Winslow T Illegible, John W Becht, Walter W Ziino Minleesport PA, Charles E Saunders Baltimore, James Dodson NC, Angus L Brunson GA, Edward Nicholas, Illegible H Larsson PA, Gordon Yuggle NC, Louis A Schappet PA, William Pappas, Harvey Thomas GA, John Joseph Illegible, William N Rhoads Mechbg PA,Davey M Ramsey NC, George maybe Schoeller Jr NC, William J Illegible, Frank E Foley, Charles W Murphy, Harry Illegible PA, Sam P Vaccano, Lloyd Nemelli, Frederick Pope Rediy NJ, Herbert Deaton, Charles E Sallerwhite NC, John A maybe Caltagesone Trenton NJ, Henry S Illegible PA, Herbert Elyca Cantismills PA, George Krause, Robert Fisher


October 8, 1945
Hadley High School Junior Class

Alice Bissell

Charlotte Patterson

Curtiss Powell

Davey Scofield

De Illegible Ohle

Dick Adams

Dick McCartney

Doris Yeager

Esther Peterson

Frances Williamson

Gerald Arubckle

Jack Chaney

Jack Marstellar

Joann May

Paul De Arment

Pauline Yeager

Ruth Stewart

October 1945 Unlabeled

1945 Unionville High School

1946 Elsie Luke Hadley High School Class Of

June 16, 1946 Unlabeled

October 1946 Carmel

April 1947 California San Jose Rose Garden

August 1947 Unlabeled

August 19, 1947
Dorothy Kathy And Jack Kruse

Nebraska Columbus Art Ward

Nebraska Columbus Ben Meyer

Nebraska Columbus Dorothy Kruse

Nebraska Columbus Helen Ward

Nebraska Columbus Jack Cain

Nebraska Columbus Jack Kruse

Nebraska Columbus John And Nina Cains House Art And Helen Ward Jack And Dorothy Kruse Nina Jack And John Cain Ben Meger And Maybe Kathy Kruse

Nebraska Columbus John Cain

Nebraska Columbus Kathy Kruse

Nebraska Columbus Nina Cain

January 6, 1947
Groveland Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

July 1947 In A Happy Mood

May 25, 1947 Frank And Bobby

May 31, 1947 California Yosemite

September 1947 Tammy And I On The Beach Outside Of Bathing Shed

1947 Unlabeled

June 5, 1948 And A Half Months Old

October 23, 1948

November 1948

December 14, 1948 L To R Gina Wendy Illegible Ethel Pam Ben Notes

1948 June Peter And Susan 5 And A Half Months Old

1948 Lorraine McIntosh

September 1949

February 1950

1950 Frayser

October 1950 Chevy On Rio Grande River By Monte Vista

1950 Leo Predinchuk

October 6, 1951

October 1952

1953 Hangar 2 And Instrument Shelters School And The Rabbit Houses

June 1953 Alma Mater Made My HS Diploma Here Base Education Office

March 1953 Bombs At Sampson

September 1953 Grove In Our Room

September 1953 Reb Dan L Carter In Our Room In Stalag 424

October 1953 Junior Hall In STG

November 1953 B36

1953 Summer Curly And Grove

1953 Summer Don L Carter Curlys Bunk Fell On Him

1953 Summer Our Room In 424

January 1954

February 1954 Ora La Pache

March 1954

November 1954 Billie

November 1954 Levittown

September 5, 1954 Beth Ellen Randall

1954 Audrey Nellie Nancy

May 1955

August 6, 1955 Janies First Birthday

September 1955 Sweden Lundsvall Hennings Home Stina Edith Illegible Then Henning

December 1955

December 1956

July 1956 Mom With Lisa Dad With Ellison

July 1956

June 1956

November 3, 1956Becky Navanji And Jerry Lavensa

1956 Graduation Rose Chita Vickie Santiago Susie Conejo

January 1957

June 1957 W W Young

July 1957 Dale Nellie And June McCallan

October 1, 1957 Dont Remember What Was So Funny But He Was Surely Enjoying Something

December 1957

January 1958 Johnny Rankin Jr Grade 4 Age 10

March 1958

March 9, 1958

April 1958

July 1958

January 1959 Vera McCallen

January 1959

March 1959

April 20, 1959 Nevada Las Vegas Riviera Hotel

May 1, 1959

September 1959 This Is how I looked with long hair. Of course it was even longer than this when I cut it. This was when Tommy was 3 months old. He looks terrible here. Jenn. Tommy, Jackie, and Norman Wright.

September 1959

October 1959

November 1959 Addie Horne And Russ

December 1959 Big Deal Having Her Problems On Sunday Morning

December 1959

1959 Abrams Debbie And Cynthia

1959 Bobby 3 And A Half Years Old

1959 Disneyland Maurice Lower L

1959 Louis Maybe Krahuik Roger Mario Louis

1959 Santa Ana Bowl

April 1960

July 17, 1960

March 1960

September 1960

November 1960 This Isnt Too Good But It Still Looks Like Me

November 1960

1960 California Orange Chapman College Class Of

1960 Marine Land

1960 NAS Los Alamitos

1960 Rose Parade Fiesta Mexican

1960 Rose Parade Floats Queen Of The Nile And Los Angeles City

1960 Rose Parade Illegible Bakery And Confectionary Workers Union

1960 Rose Parade Separated Persons Meet Here

1960 Rose Parade US Navy Polaris Missile

1960 Rose Parade

May 1961

September 1961

October 1961

December 1961

January 1962

October 1962

December 1962 Hazel Jordan

December 1962 Our 1962 Xmas Very Quiet Alone In The AM

December 1962

April 1963

January 30, 1963 For Mrs Slavens

January 1963 June And Illegible

January 1963 Murphys Dr Kerstens Betty Kathleen Mrs Davenport

January 1963

March 1963

July 1963

October 1963

October Of 1963 Or 1966 25th Anniversary

October Of 1963 Or 1966

November 1963 Sollingers And Sonday

1963 Murphys Kathleen

1963 Russ And Helen Irvine Park

March 1964

May 1964

August 13, 1964 Minnie Lee Smithmaya To Be Given To June Dailey Daughter Of Minnie Smithmaya

August 1964 Russ And Helen Our Honeymoon


December 1965

1965 Germany Notes

March 1966 Oklahoma Muskogee Barbara Bernomonti Sticker Dr And Mrs R W Meckstroth Fountain Valley CA

September 10, 1966 10 This Is Another Picture Of Our Better Wents We Live In Here

November 1966

April 1967 Louisiana New Orleans Russell And Taffy 9 Months

1967 The Seavers Carlton 20 Chirstopher 19 Patrick 17 Victoria 14 Martha 12

January 1968   

January 1969

December 1969 W W Young Vera M McCallen

April 1970

May 1970

1970 85 MM 125 A Warm Sunny Nook On Our Patio

1970 85 MM 125 Ocean View From Patio

1970 Gay Nineties Geranium White And Pink Conspicuous Dark Red Grandma Fisher Salmon

1970 Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Summer Vacation

1970 Utah Salt Lake City This Is The Place Summer Vacation

July 1971

November 3, 1971 Carrie 95 Years Old

1971 California San Francisco Marine World

February 27, 1972 France Paris Arc De Triumph

February 27, 1972 France Paris Upward Shot Of Eifel Tower

1972 March 2 Changing Of The Guards At King Huesongs Palace Rabat

1972 March 2 Outside King Mohammed V Tomb With Roman Ruins 2000 Old In Background

1972 March 2 Pier In Casablanca Red Snapper

1972 California Roseville 450 CC Honda Notes

1972 Don Hubbs

1972 Morocco March 6 The Wool Market

1973 Ignacio Manuel Altamirano High School

May 1974 To Ruth Illegible

November 1974

1974 72 VW O Leary 62 Chevy Bailey Loree House

1974 California South San Francisco Marine World

1974 California South San Francisco Marine World Killer Whales

1974 Loree House Cupertino

1974 South France

June 1976 Ethel Eva Onion Hatch Starts With Holtse

October 1976 Ben As Security Guard

May 1977

August 1979 Wyoming Yellowstone

1979 Utah Salt Lake City Notes

1981 Bangalore

1986 California Escondido

March 1988

August 1989

July 1992

January 4, 1995 To Shelly Smitty And Danielle McCoy From LaQuishia Jones And Family

1997 Oregon Woodrat Mountain

May 2007

205 MM 250

3607 Park Boulevard

6 Months

6 Months 02

Adeline Kolt Mildred Galanchick Marilyn Maybe Tibitke Lilian Chick Marie Skoblach Marie Knoll Mable Kowalchick Joanne Lacombe Audrey Keller Pat Joan Padberikinski Marlen J Jenny Looks Like Sodnry Gerturde Smith Jewel Cumming

Alice Holland Boys

Alice Looks Like Hollars Boys

All About Image Richard Karl Koch

Ann At 10 Months


Betsy To Josey

Bettie And J Probascu Louie Probascu

Beverly Willert Burke

Bob Catherine Edwin Bobbie

Bob Schoenleber

Butch Janet Jr Young

CA And Flounce Dath

Califorina Yosemite Valley Bridal Veil Falls

California Alameda

California Alameda Harry Le Patourel

California Alameda Harry Le Patourel And Dave Illegible Jaloppy

California Catalina Island Phil And Illegible

California Long Beach 923 Illegible Street

California Long Beach Phyllis And Stiles

California Pasadena

California San Jose Rose Garden

California Yosemite National Park Lake Tenaya

California Yosemite National Park The Ahwahnee Hotel

California Yosemite National Park Tioga Gate Mt Dana In Distance

California Yosemite The Three Brothers

California Yosemite Valley Cathedral Rocks From Merced River

California Yosemite Valley El Capitan

California Yosemite Valley From The Meadows

California Yosemite Valley Half Dome

California Yosemite Valley Mirror Lake And Mount Watkins

California Yosemite Valley Nevada Falls

California Yosemite Valley Royal Arches And Half Dome Washington Column

California Yosemite Valley Sentinel Dome Storm Scarred Pine

California Yosemite Valley Vernal Falls

California Yosemite Valley Yosemite Falls

Camelot Theatres Benefit Premiere Semel Charities So Fine Ordinary People

Camp Cooke Target Practice

Carl Speed Cop From Small Black Photo Album Page


Carmel Monastery Ground

Channel Guernsey Illegible And Annie Illegible

Chester Looks Like Anllor Or Cullor


City Earl Lula Clara Illegible Bethel Tessie Mrs Leo Olive Neva Jean Opal Illegible Illegible


Clife At 5 And A Half Years Taken When He Was At Kindergarten Last Year

Coeta Parsons

Coleen At 13 And A Half Months

College Barges At Oxford 100 Miles Odd Up The Thames From Looks Like Lunickenham


Dad And Uncle Bill

Dad Fred Ble 2 Letters Illegible A

Dale And Nellie Looks Like McCallen Cabin At The Desert

Dale McCallen

Dales McCallen Outhouse

Dan Brown

Dear Evelyn And Marty Notes

Dennis Harmon Lett 18 Lbs Virginia Roberson Bissitts Mothers Baby Picture Janet And Rum

Do You Remember Magnus Notes

Dorothy Illegible

Dottie May

Eddie Janey And Sandra Jeanne 2 Years 7 Months

Eddie Jenny And Sandra Notes

Emmitt Wilkey

England Thames Black Swans

Eric Illegible Handy

Fido And Illegible


Find Film I Have Print For Evelyn

Florida Kissimmee

France Paris The Louvre View From Balcony

From Small Black Photo Album Page

Girls Wheel

Give Back To Laurense


Helen Davis

Henry Thriasa Arthur Charley From Small Black Photo Album Page

I Dont Know What Happened Its The Lens Poor Carolyns Eyes

Illegible Illegible Lillian Sarah And Minnie

Illegible Jorge Arnado Luis Javier Blank Blank Illegible Illegible Illegible

Illegible On Board

Illegible Phil And Kate Smith

Illinois Rockford To My Niece Edna Fay Christian From Mrs Opal St John

Italy Bagnolia A Bombed Church

Italy City Of Naples From San Martina

Italy Naples Pia Carocchi

Italy Naples Shore

Italy Ortona

J Filburn Olive Rouses Birthday Party

James Elmut Smith

Jeans Birthday 1 Year

Jewel Cumming Elsie Looks Like Hujdowy Jeanne Collins Mary Ann Ends With Anchier Olga Ruvyk Barbara Lamb Nancy Shortie Illegible Ryk Yvonne Horn N Joyce Kolach Ferad LooksLike Gren Edith Grove

Jewel Cumming Elsie Looks Like Hydowy June Looks Like Gran Joyce Kolback Patricia Epps Faisa Matriashek Edith Crowe

JHS Sims Supt

Jim Looks Like Wilker Aurdrey McCallen And Unnamed

Jimmy 9 And A Half Years Old

Jimmy Tommy Jon Tommy

Joan Filburn

Joan Maybe Filbruen


John Bentley

John McCallen

K And Lillian Long Beach

Katie Back Right From Small Black Photo Album Page

Ken Dot Bob Myers Dick



Looking Down Into Boulder Dam From Bridge

Louise And Milt Probasu

Mae Elle

Marching To School

Marguerite Hess

Marie Allen

Marlene One Year

Marrio 3 Months Old 68 St Park

Martha Illegible Morris Age 13

Mary E And Victor This Scenery Is In Our Back Yard

Max Betty And Illegible This Was Taken Last Spring When They Were Home It Isnt A Good Picture Of Betty

Max Illegible Age 15

Me And My Nephew Jan Lange

Me And The Side Of House

Me Eddie Darlene At Illegible Canyon

Me With Lisa And Allyson Illegibles Daughter

Merry Christmas Arlene Mike Jeff And Jill

Merry Christmas Charley Dot And Barby


Mildred Galanchick Joan Padborchinski Pat Jenny Sadoury Getrude Smith Marie Skoblach Marilyn Lebitka Marie Knoll Mable Kowalchyk Joanne Lacombe Miss McMillian June Looks Like Melunck Audrey Keller Jewel Cumming

Miss Helen Yount Unionville


Morgan My Opponent

Mother And Son Doing Very Well So Much Hair On Both Of Them

Mrs Christian

Mrs Elizabeth Cockran Dont You Monkey With Me

Mrs Graham And Joan Mrs G Has Just Fed The Turkeys When This Was Taken

My Cousin Jay Commings

Nancy Perkins

Nell Sonday

New York Grants Tomb Riverside Church International House Postcard

New York Manhattan Island Aerial View

No Luck From Small Black Photo Album Page

No Matter Whether I Serve My Guests It Seems They Like My Kitchen Best

Norman Hume

NY New York The Gay White Way Bway

Oma 01

Ora Lea

Ora Lea With Baby Ronnie

Orange Tree From My Kitchen Window

Order Unclear 1 Ronald maybe Nuger 2 Leo Medinski 3 Mallory 4 Walter Frenchy 5 Lou Prenchud 6 Bernie maybe Klish 7 Walter Rorchash 8 Walter Rude 9 Don 10 Eleanor Schwartz 11 skipped 12 Adeline

Orphas Flowers

Our Boudoir

Our Drive South Of Our House Looking East Told Dad He Looked Like A Minister Has He Looks Good Dont He

Paired 01 With 02

Paired 02 With 01

Pamela Catherine And Self


Paul Briceno

Pearl Thompson When 18 Years Old

Pete Audrey And Nancy


Pretty Good Huh When Gene Saw It He Got A Mad Look On His Face When He Realized That Was Me Up In The Tree So Soon

Quack Quackery Out For A Row

Raymond Is 7 Mo When This Was Taken

Richard Adams

Richard E Koch

Ripple Smith

Roy McCallen

Ruth Lindermeyer Carl Lindermeyer

Shcaefers Acres

Sheila Maroon And Eleanor Brunn


Soup From Small Black Photo Album Page

South Dakota Belle Fourche Photo By Jim Ross

South Dakota Lead Uncle Louis Zetiskey

Taken On Board The Orysku Illegible

The Happy Family

Thinking Of Love Illegible Along

This Is My Whole Living Room

Tilbun China Inland Mission School Chefoo J House

To A Real Sweet Kid Have Lots Of Fun Luck And Kids Love Sandy

To Mike From Anne G

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

US Monitor Puritan

Vensuvis And Naples From San Martino

Vera From Leona Pauls Children David 7 And A Half Sharon 4 And A Half Sylvia 2 After January 23 Will Write Letter

Vera McCallen 01

Vera McCollen Desert Home

Vernice Lett

Victor Redfoot

W W Young

W W Young And Peg

Walter Hardcastle

Washington Monument

Waterloo King Street

Wilt Me And Mom

Winnie Ambrose At Our Place Last Summer

Wyoming Yellowstone

Yeauis And Naples From San Martino

Yellow Marguerites 205 MM 250

Yoga Instructor