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  • Our Mission                                   

    Our Mission

    To collect and preserve historical photos and other media, make the material available to the public online at no cost, and return the material to surviving family members on request.

  • A Word From John                                   

    A Word From John

    I started collecting lost photos after doing a project for my father.  He was keeper of the Perkins family archives, storing several generations of family photos.  A few years ago I set about scanning the entire archive, around 23,000 photos I think.  I finished that project and gave him a copy of the complete archive.  I sometimes ask him about some of those pictures (Who is this?  When did that happen?  Do you remember such-and-such happening?) but it bugs me that we don't know who a lot of the people are in the older photos.

    I visit auctions, swapmeets, and thrift stores and I occasionally find photo albums or packets of photos from a few years back to over 100 years ago.  It bugs me the same way as my family archive- so many memories, so much time, so much history lost, all these photos destined for...what, a dumpster in back of some anonymous junk store?

    I started this project because I wanted to preserve what I could of the lives and memories of the people that took these photos.

    There is an extensive FAQ here.  If you have any questions or complaints, that's where to start.

    Click on the link for each family under the Photos tab to see the page for that family.

    If you are one of the people in these photos, if you know any of the people in these photos, or if you still have any questions, please contact me here.

    >>> If there is any information you want to add to this site- especially genealogy info- please contact me here.

  • Photos                                   


    Family 1  (my family)

    Since the rule of thumb for this page is to include photos that are at least 20-25 years old, most of the Family 1 photos are from the 1970's and 1980's. I haven't included the Perkins family archive because there are a number of people in them that I know and who are currently alive.  I know the photographers for many of these photos.  In creating this page, for Family 1, I am working under several conditions requested by various people as to which photos I can and can't post.  For this reason, the Family 1 photos posted here consist mainly of a trolley museum, cats, my early childhood, and my high school (graduated 1989). There are currently (as of April 1, 2016) 151 images in this set.

    Family 2
    Nothing written on the backs of these photos.  99 images in this set.

    Family 3
    Many notes.  265 images in this set.

    Family 4
    Many notes.  1,447 images in this set.

    Family 5
    A few notes.  419 images in this set.

    Family 6
    A few notes.  254 images in this set.

    Family 7
    Many notes.  747 images in this set.

    Family 7A
    From a montage included with family 7.  10 images in this set.

    Family 8
    148 images in this set.

    Family 9
    29 images in this set.

    Family 10
    45 images in this set.

    Family 11
    78 images in this set.

    Family 12
    305 images in this set.

    Family 13
    118 images in this set.

    Family 14
    48 images in this set.

    Family 15
    479 images in this set.

    Family 16
    517 images in this set.

    Family 17
    87 images in this set.

    Family 18
    Schloesser Family
    1,344 images in this set.

    Family 19,  Family 19-A
    2,585 images in this set.

    Family 20
    Caulfield/Ritter/Southard Family
    619 images in this set.

    Family 21
    1,989 images in this set.

    Family 22
    1,535 images in this set.

    Family 23
    182 images in this set.

    Family 24
    699 images in this set.

    Family 25
    29 images in this set.

    Family 26
    53 images in this set.

    Family 27
    60 images in this set.

    Family 28
    28 images in this set.

    Family 29
    128 images in this set.

    Family 30
    40 images in this set.

    Family 31
    974 images in this set.

    Family 32
    219 images in this set.

    Family 33
    1,087 images in this set.

    Family 34
    1,378 images in this set. It's the Whitsett family.

    Family 35
    3,151 images in this set.

    Family 36
    328 images in this set. It's the Johnston / Reeves family.

    Family 37
    128 images in this set.

    Family 38
    2,502 images in this set.

    Family 39
    883 images in this set.

    Family 40
    222 images in this set.

    Family 41
    316 images in this set.

    Family 42
    210 images in this set.

    Family 43
    974 images in this set.

    Family 44
    3,283 images in this set.

    Family 45
    179 images in this set.

    Family 46
    303 images in this set.

    Family 47
    93 images in this set. It's the Bergman / Gregory / Shuptrine family.

    Family 48
    44 images in this set.

    Family 49
    667 images in this set.

    Family 50
    136 images in this set. It's a freemason family.

    Family 51
    314 images in this set.

    Family 52
    538 images in this set.

    Family 53
    1,118 images in this set.

    Family 54
    219 images in this set.

    Family 55
    813 images in this set.

    Family 56
    151 images in this set.

    Family 57
    19 images in this set.

    Family 58
    91 images in this set.

    Family 59
    3,774 images in this set. It's the work of Dr. Elinor S Benes.

    Family 60
    58 images in this set.

    Family 61
    27 images in this set. It's a bar mitzvah for Scott William Crane.

    Family 62
    126 images in this set. This lady liked her cats.

    Family 63
    179 images in this set.

    Family 64
    805 images in this set. It's the Dudley family.

    Family 65
    183 images in this set. It's the Dulinski family.

    Family 66
    2,140 images in this set. It's the Kohl / Kreutz family.

    Family 67
    404 images in this set.

    Family 68
    1,121 images in this set.

    Family 69
    253 images in this set.

    Family 70
    158 images in this set.

    Family 71
    159 images in this set.

    Family 72
    1,354 images in this set. It's the Winters family.

    Family 73
    910 images in this set.

    Family 74
    915 images in this set.

    Family 75
    2,309 images in this set.

    Family 76
    896 images in this set.

    Family 77
    2,320 images in this set.

    Family 78
    1,752 images in this set.

    Family 79
    3,235 images in this set.

    Family 80
    756 images in this set.

    Family 81
    959 images in this set.

    Family 82
    802 images in this set.

    Family 83
    806 images in this set.

    Family 84
    865 images in this set.

    Family 85
    820 images in this set.

    Family 86
    3,534 images in this set.

    Family 87
    3,836 images in this set.

    Family 88
    635 images in this set.

    Family 89
    725 images in this set.

    Family 90
    783 images in this set.

  • Donations


    If you have a batch of photos that you want to donate, please contact us here.  You can get an invoice and declare the photos as charitable donations on your taxes.

    If you are a person or company and you want to donate equipment, you can get an invoice and declare that as a charitable contribution as well.  We currently have several 8.5 x 11 flatbed scanners and a Wolverine single slide scanner.  We could use any flatbed scanner with a larger surface area and/or a slide scanner with an automatic feeder.  Please contact us here.

    If you want to donate funds to Lost Photos, please click on the donate button below.  Contributions go toward equipment, increased hosting space, and scanning hours/employee time.  If we get an angel donor, our goals include at least 1 full time employee and perpetual hosting for the photos.

    Here is our donations page at Crowdrise.

   Family 72  

This set of photos is from an Evie Winters, who taught at the American School Of Milan in Milan, Italy.

1,354 photos in this set.



Adi Cohen
Bruno Lemb
George Sofis
Katinka Gweden
Ruth Fenudi
Alan Sims
Daniel Clark
Hohanna Beltrani
Kay Calgani Calgoni
Silvio Da Gemma
Alessandro Barelli
David Woods
Idris Nasveddin
Leo Vadorin
Steven Callon
Alex Bozzo
Day Jones
Jeanne Wright
Lou Coleogno
Tom Sofis
Alexander Maix
Evie Winters
Jeff Booth
Nancy Shutee
Wanda Rotelli
Audrey Nye
Filippo Caprioni
Judy Callon Callan
Paul Roitsch
Bebe Inganni
Franco Pallini
Kathleen Gilland
Peggy Clark



1965 July Aurelio Martim Passing The Azores

1965 Lebanon Beirut

1967 May

1968 August Raffello

1968 August

1968 Joy Mazur Age 3

1972 November

1973 June 18 Jeanne Wrights Victory Garden Swinger And Woods In Background And Mosquitos

1973 June 18 Massachussets

1973 June 19 MA Boston Paul Revers House

1973 June 20 Jean Wright And Eric Lunch At Wayside Inn

1970 November Switzerland Vevey
1973 January

1973 June 20 MA Sudbury

1973 June 20 MA Sudbury Church Restored By The Ford Foundation

1973 June 23 Sailed New York To Naples Leonardo Da Vinci First Class Bar Giuliano Giuliani Bar Tender From Lerici

1973 June 26 MA Jean Wright Old Mill Restored By Ford Fondation

1973 June 29 Giovanni The Banker Sergio Superino Day In Lisbon Toured City

1973 June 29 Portugal Lisbon Cristofo Colombo Arriving From South America

1973 June 29 Portugal Lisbon Sergio Superino

1973 June 29 Portugal Lisbon Sergio Superino Engineer On Board Leonardo Da Vinci

1973 June MA Boston

1973 July 1 Palma De Mallorica Sunday No Shopping Extremely Hot Returned To Ship For Lunch

1973 July 1 Spain Bay Palma De Mallorica View From Fenix And Victoria Hotel

1973 July 1 Terrace Hotel Victoria Palma De Mallorico

1973 July 2 France Cannes

1973 July 2 France Cannes Leonardo Da Vinci

1973 July 2 Italy Canne Marianne Dinner Table Leonardo

1973 July 6 Italy Capri Ari Onassis Yacht Marino Piccolo Gracie Fields Swimming Pool And Restaurant

1973 July 6 Italy Capri Jackie O Shopping In Capri Staying On Aristottle Onassis Yacht

1973 July 6 Naples Disembarking King Leonard

1973 July Italy Capri Jackie O And Friends

1973 July Spain Palma De Mallrica Friendly Undertaker Blue Shirt Leonardo Da Vinci Docked For The Day

1973 August 11 Switzerland St Moritz View From Palace Hotel

1973 August Austria Kitzbuehel

1973 August Italy Genoa Alessandro Barelli

1973 September 3 Alexander Maix From Linz Austria Sea Resort 1 Hr Outside Of London

1973 Austria Kitzabuehel Hotel Die Postkuche On This Street

1973 Daniel Clark

1973 David Woods Easter

1973 Florence Wanda Rotelli

1973 Folk Dance Program

1976 November Group At Knossos

1973 Pattycake Polka

1973 Peggy Clark Easter

1973 Tarantella

1976 July

1978 June

1978 May

1978 November Group At Knossos

1978 Group At Parthenon

1978 Sam And Nicky X


1979 March

1979 June

1980 March

1980 April

1980 To 1989 Kathleen Gilland 3rd Alex Bozzo Class

1981 June

1982 To 1983 American School Of Milan Third Grade Miss Winters Elaine Costanza Notes

1983 November Dan Elliott

1983 To 1984 American School Of Milan Third Grade Miss Winters

1983 To 1984 Idris Nasveddin

1984 October

1984 To 1985 American School Of Milan 3rd Grade Mrs Winters

1985 February Cortina This Is the Trail Where I Go Cross Country Skiing

1985 March Cortina My New Cross Country Ski Outfit That You Gave Me

1985 March

1985 September

1985 Claudia Diego Fuentes

1985 To 1986

1985 To 1986 American School Of Milan 3rd Grade E Winters

1986 To 1987 Adi

1987 To 1988 American School Of Milan Class 3W

1988 July

1988 To 1989 Christina Purro Charlotte DIsidoro Sebastian Lee Alexis Borrielo Erico Sarah Jones Layla

1989 November Salzberg Thanksgiving Stayed Goldenbrush Low Section Sitting Room But Allergic 8 Hour Train Ride

1989 Cortina No Snow For Cross Country Skiing

1989 Furniture Purchased In Kldusen Between Bolzano And Bressanone

1989 Milan

1989 Salzberg No Shopping Visited Sound Of Music In Terrible Snow Storm

1989 To 1990 Mrs Winters

1990 April Spain Monbelle Tour From Monbelle Looking Toward Tangier Morocco

1990 To 1991

1990 Easter Morocco Tangier Selling Special Sweets On Street Only Available During Ramadan

1990 After Dinner Party Sarah Day Beppy Maurice And Gordon Day And Beppy Brought Flower

1990 Easter Old Section Of Morbella Dinner With Gordon And Maurice La Dorada Fish Baked In Salt Cold Garlic X Terrible Rice Pudding Terrible

1991 June

1991 July American School Frankfurt

1991 Tangier Market

1991 To 1992 3rd Grade

1992 To 1993

1993 November Prague Thanksgiving

1993 To 1994 Evie Maya Mitsuko

1991 July

1994 February Cortina Mayors Office Behind Hotel De La Post

1994 June 8 Love Gloria Bruce And Sinna

1994 October

1995 November 26 Love Gloria Bruce And Sinna

1993 To 1994

1993 To 1994 Boat Trip Lake Como

1993 To 1994 Jessica Korean Toshiki Japanese Sivan Israeli

1993 To 1994 Maya Taguchi Kindergarten

1993 To 1994 Toshiki Japanese

1993 To 1994 Toshiki Taguchi

1993 To 1994 Villa Carlotto

1995 To 1996 Christophers First Communion

1996 Israel Almuni Dinner American School Of Milan L To R Day Jones Adi Cohen Ruth Fenudi Jeff Booth Evie Then Sarah OBrien AC Father Consulate AC Was Military Now Attorney

1999 December 31 Franco Pallini Head Waiter

1999 To 2000 Carolina Greco Santo Domingo

2000 January Bridge From St Pauls Cathedral To New Tate Museum


2000 December 12 Phil Nancy Claire And Drew Mancini

2000 CO Winter Park Nancy Ferber Wedding Detler Welcoming Guests In Dutch And Spanish I Stumbled Through German And Italian

2001 May USA

2001 August 15th Ferrogosto

2001 August Florence With Joy Notes

2001 August Venice

2001 Florence Terrace Beocci Tornabuoni

1 Of 5 Orchestras In St Marks Square Orchestra In Front Of Famous Café

2nd From Left Evelina

Across From Beocci Tornabuoni Via Tornabuoni

Alan Sims Nancy Shutee

Alessandro Ship Stopped In Naples

Anema E Core

Anna Sergio X

Audrey Nye

Austria Kitzbuehel View From Hotel

Austria Kitzbuehel View From My Balcony

Austria Kitzbuehl

Austria Kitzebuehel Hotel Die Postkutche

Austria Near St Anton

Beauchamp Street

Bebe Inganni

Beppy EW Day

Bev Evie David

Bev Tore Hedberg David

Bruce And Gloria

Bruno Lemb Father Of Bruno Brother Johnny Sings French Song Taverna X Cino

Bruno Lemb Son Of Bruno Taverna X Boy First Night In A Tavern Midnight

Buca Da Orafo Owners And Sarah

Calli Steidler


Capri American Wedding In Main Piazzo

Capri Chapel

Capri Harbor

Capri Main Piazzo

Capri Marina Piccolo


Austria Kitzbuehel

1995 To 1996

1994 To 1995


Capri Piazzo Ben Gazara And Friend

Capri Preparing For Wedding Reception After Wedding Everyone In Capri Invited Those Waiting By For Chapagne And Food


Cathedral Background Palma De Mallorica

Chalet Across From Hotel Europo


Church Across From Post Hotel Where They Delivered Mail Many Years Ago

Cortina Chalet

Cortina City Hall Church

Cortina Post Hotel Across From City Hall Main Gathering Place For Cocktails

Cortina Restaurant

Cortina View From Hotel Room

Fenix Hotel Mallored

Florence Terrace Beocci Tornabouni

Cortino Swimming Pool In Background Brown Building

Cristal Palace Hotel 5 Star 3 Yrs Restore Has Everything Single Room 450 Rate Exchange 2200 Lire To 1 Dollar

David Hill Overlooking Florence Restaurant Behind

Denmark Christina Lived With Grandmother

Dominico And Chef

Florence Giorgio Armani Notes

Dominico Nephew X Owner Son Felici Hotel Prorietor Il Ristorante Torre Saraceno

Donna And Maria Carlotta

Easter Restaurant In Tangier Food Terrible Red Wine Excellent

Evelina And Rossano Son In Law Of Dominice Wife Gemma Father Produces Wonderful Caprese Wine

Evie And Girl From Portugal Encora Please Sing Another Song She Did And She Was Great

Extra Lett Virgin Oil Notes




Florence Via Tourabuoni Near Arno River Ferragamos Main Office In Palazzo Via Tournabuoni Fashion Street Albergo Tournabuoni Across Street

France Paris Galleries Lafayette

France Nice

France Paris Dining Room Train Station Trains To Cote D

France Parris Florence Evie And Rosanna

France Villa From Pizzerio

Funeral Last Ride Free Vaporetto Stop Sing Zaccorio In Front Of Marie Ingannis Hotel Hotel Savoia Jolanda On Grand Canal

Gaetano Photographer For Many Years In Capri Also Cortino During The High Season

Galleri And Millan Il X Across From Prad X Sarah And Other Friends Here

Genova Nepri On The Way To Santa Margherita

Germany Bill Murry And Katsy Bluthner In Front Of Remodeled Farm House 200 Yr Old One And A Half Hours Outside Muncih

Germany First Trip To Berlin Before Wall Went Down

Germany Lake One And A Half Hours Outside Of Munich

Germany Munich

Germany Munich Hotbrau House

Germany Munich Near American Express

Gianfranco Family Owns Il X Ristorante Aunt Proprietor Emelias Balboa Island

Gloria And Tom

Gloria Restaurant

Grand Prix

Greece Athens My First Day In Athens All Night Train To Brindisi Then Flew To Athens I Felt Like I Look In the Picture

Group At Knossos

Guardo Di Finanzia Italian Police Boats

Harrys Ban A Place To Rest My Body And Talk To Leo

Harrys Ban Eule Georgio Angelos Brother At Hotel Beall Tornubuony Sarah OBrien From Scotland Worked With Sirish American Johnal At Milan

Ikeke And Henri Ikekes Schoolwork

Il Ristorante Il Grottino L To R Evelina Patty Sister Anne Marie Scully Worked With Her At ASM Now In Manhattan

Italy Bergamo

Italy Florence Nancy Shutlee Ponte De Vacchio Arno River

Italy Genoa

Italy Genoa Leonardo Da Vinci Docked

Italy Merano

Italy Merano Casino People Listening To Concert

Italy Merano Concert In Front Of Casino Next To River

Italy Merano Gardens Near Casion And River

Italy Venice Mario And Bebe Inganni Hotel Savoia-Jolanda

Italy Venice US Navy

Jackie O Arrived On Onassis Yacht Afternoon Shopping

Italy Merano Market

Italy Merano Outdoor Swimming Pool Indoor Thermal Baths

Italy Merano Racing Season Begins Around August 10th

Italy Merano Summer Promenade On One Side Of River Winter Promenade On Other Side

Italy Merano View From My Terrace Of The Bristol Hotel Grape Vinyards

Italy Merrano

Jeanne And Swinger

Johanna Judy Sarah

Judy Callan Kay Calcagni And Tom Sofis

Italy Milan Peck Best Gastronomia

Italy Portofino

Italy Rome Terrace Hotel Elesio On Vio Veneto

Italy Santa Margherita

Italy Venezia

Kara And Judy Barrett

Katinka Gweden And Filippo Caprioni Graduated Hogars London Bus University

L To R Phil Attorney From Marin County Allen Evelina MaryAnn

Italy Santa Margherita

L To R Phil Evie MaryAnn Allen Nancy Al

La Piazetta On The Way To Il Grottino For Dinner

La Tduernette Del Volpo The Wolf Proprietor Friend Of Number 1 Italy Chef Interior Decoration Very Clever

Lago De Orta

Lake Como View From Town Of Como

Leaving Naples For Capri

Left Proprietor Of Mortaug In NJ Sails On Italian Lines Every Summer Stops At Grand Hotel In Rome 10 Days Then Returns On Same Ship

Leo Vadorin Owner Founder Enrico Harry Mannotti Sons Roberto And Sergio

Linda And Grandmother


Little Corone Beach

Lo X Johanna Beltrem X Judy Velordi Son X


Longaroni Notes

Lou And Kay Coleogno George Sofis And Hohanna Beltrani From Ventura

Lou Kay Judy Steve

Lucca Near Florence Antique Show


Lugano Wine Festival September



Milan Il Duomo

Milan Judy And Johenno Bruce And Glora Party On Terrace

Milan La Seala

Monte Carlo

Mr And Mrs Fox Ryans Parents

Milan My Apartment Looking Down On First Floor Garden Of Wisteria

Milan Piazzo Duomo Galleria

Milan Tom Sofis Terrace Bruces Party

Nancy And Friend From New York We Sailed On The Same Ship Several Summers

Nancy Fountain De Trevi Roma


Naples Harbor

Naples Palace

Naples Saturday Night Traffic Until 3 Or So In the Morning

New Wine Bar Notes

New York 2nd From Left Evalina MaryAnn Arab

Old Picturesque Viilage

Oldest Bull Ring Notes

On Board Leonardo Da Vinci Or Raffaello

Palace Hotel

Pecks Another Cheese Section Also Prosciatto Salmon Bresola Air Dried Beef Hors Dovers And Lobster Pate

Pecks Food To Go

Pecks My Cheese Man Parmigiano For Grating Or Regular

Peggy Clark

Photographer Gaetano

Piazza San Zacedrie Deross From Albergo Savoia Jolande Mario Inganni Proprietor Hotel Was Christianed In Church And Funeral Servia In Church

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio 02

Pool 5 Star Hotel Below Marita And Toms House Eze

Portugal Lisbon

Preparing For Reception After Wedding Everyone Invited Good Champagne And Food

Restaurant Torre Saraceno Proprietor Dominic Nephew Of Pietro Proprietor Albergo San Felice

Return Genoa To New York Notes



Roger Dickenson Brother Sister In Law Nephew Mother Of Sister In Law

Royal Bellevue Hotel


Sarah Bruce Gloria

Sig Fiorillo And Guido Lemb Anema E Core

Silvio Da Gemma


Spain Near First Bull Ring Trip Through National Forest

St Moritz Palace Hotel

St Moritz Palace Hotel Tennis Courts

Steve And Judy Callon

Sunday Passagiatto Month Of August Crowded

Switzerland Kandersteg Hotel Residence Bernerhat Oberland Across the Street From Royal Hotel Bellevue Excellent Dining Room Couldnt Get Into Hotel But Ate There All The Time

Switzerland Lucerene

Switzerland Kandersteg Royal Bellevue Hotel Leading Hotel Smallest Palace Hotel In The World

Switzerland La Sarra Iteke Age 10 Henri Age 8 Beatrijs And Hans Immink

Switzerland St Moritz

Switzerland View From Hotel La Sarroz

Tangier Entertainment Troy On Head With Candles On Top

Tangier Market Rugs

Terrace Looking Toward Cap Ferrat

Torre Saracen Tods Sheo Yacht In Background Formerly Owned By Joe Kennedy

Turkey Istanbul

Switzerland Lucerne Terrace Palace Hotel

Twins From Milan And Friend At Guarrancino

Vendors By Ship

Vendors Near Ship Before It Leaves Alis Cafe For Spain

Venice Hotel On Lido


Venice Restaurant Across Notes

Venice St Marks Square Day After Bombing

Venice US Navy


Via Tornabuoni


Vienna Children Playing In Front Of City Hall Rathskeller

Vienna Frankfort Paul Roitsch In Front Ratskeller

Vienna Gambling Casino In Stadpark Concert Held In Front Of Casino

Vienna Paul

View From Il Ristorante Saraceno

Villa Cap Ferret

Villa Carlotto

Villa Deste Ferro X

Villa Deteste

Villa Owner Swiss Eze

Village Half Hour From Marbella Tourists Nice Homes

Village Outside Genoa On Way To Santa Margherita

X Olive Grove

Yacht In Porta X Bonus One Hotel 1000 Per Day No Meal Less Than 45 Dollars

Venice Residence Palazzo Del Giglio Behind Gritti Hotel